Sales Price Brochures

Client Toyota

Project Online Sales Offers

Services Idea, Graphic design


Online Sales Offers

When you try to persuade someone to buy new car, you inevitably have to send him a price offer. Selecting the best car within budget limitation was always a difficult decision for customers, especially in so developed and differentiated market segment as is the automotive one. That is why developing an efficient and manageble customer journey mapping is so crucial for the success of our Toyota partners.

Considering the agency’s managed team of accounts and designers who work for many years on Toyota account and their deep understanding of car business, models’ concepts and aesthetics of the brand, we managed to develop a configurable approach in Distilling and Designing visually compelling sales offers. The agency task was to devise a better solution to substitute widely used Excel tables in preparing dynamic price offers and support the sales process within the network of dealerships. Among the challenges were ever-changing technical specifications, model equipments, colours, prices, etc and the speed to which new price template needs to be created and distributed among stakeholders.

The team systematically applied this method and spread the Distill & Design concept among various models’ data and visuals in creating consistent templates for each car. Those templates, created in Powerpoint, representing all model’s essence and details are easily to edit and adapt in a later stage. Another benefit of this approach was adaptation of visual content that was extracted from templates and used in different media channels, web platforms and applications.