Client                   Herbalina

Project                 Logo and advertising materials

Services              Visual Identity, Prepress & Production


Brand Identity Gives You a Competitive Edge

Why Developing A Visual Brand Identity Matters For Your Organisation?

Below are the most compelling reasons why your business should develop a strong visual identity:

  • Better brand awareness and brand recognition
  • It helps your target audience relate to your business
  • It differentiates your brand from the competition
  • It conveys distinctive emotions and feelings about your products/services
  • It creates a sense of solidity and seriousness of the business and consistency of the brand


Brand visual identity is a set of characteristics that define the look and feel of a brand’s representations across channels.

Brandmark is involved in the process of building the visual brand identity for Herbalina. Our mission was to emphasize the uniqueness of the brand and its cosmetic products that nourish natural beauty.

We designed an elegant logo that corresponds to the overall concept of sophistication and natural freshness. We have developed a logo and several promotional materials for Herbalina to distinguish the brand and emphasize its quality. We relied on cardboard folders, beautiful product labels and clean designs.


Still got questions on Branding strategy, like the following:

What brand visual identity is? How it is different from branding?

How does a visual brand identity benefit your business?

What are the prerequisites for creating a good visual identity?

How many elements should I define for my brand’s visual identity?

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