Herbitussin of USP is an international brand that offers a wide range of products made according to an original recipe and inspired by nature. The brand’s mission to combine a variety of natural ingredients is the basis of its successful entry into the Bulgarian market. It is no coincidence that this brand is so successful in the children category.

ProjectHerbitussin Counter Display
ServicesGraphic Design, Prepress & Print


The task to create a beautiful and practical display having the ability to show more than one Herbitussin products presented convenient challenge for our team. Our designers were encouraged to propose ideas for attractive advertising material that is not only eye-catching, but also easy to assemble.


We chose a strong but light material (corrugated cardboard) to ensure easy operation of the display intended for pharmacies. Our professional design team has prepared the necessary technical drawings, which provide for the stable positioning of the different types of packaging boxes.


We matched the look of the display with the overall concept of Herbitussin. We focused on natural colors to emphasize the herbal value of the products. Inspired by the secret prescription of medicines, created by Swiss monks, we combined elements that embody the power, purity and richness of nature.


Thanks to the choice of quality printing technologies, we have produced a display with a distinctive look and an easy assembly mechanism.

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