Client                   Mazda

Project                 Automotive branding

Services               Creative, Design, Branding


Automotive branding

Inspired by Mazda’s bold and innovative designs and the innovative technologies they use, our team executed branding of the stylish vehicles with great determination. Our concept to visually present the brand’s models was inspired by the positive symbolism of one of the fastest and most beautiful animals.

In order to attract customer attention, we emphasized both the masculine power and explicitness in the models’ design and the brand’s signature elegance and refinement. The power of our work hides behind us depicting the power in our clients’ power. 

We achieved great results by skilfully implementing high quality print technologies and creative designer solutions. Here we implemented this successful formula in order to properly present Mazda’s distinctive strive for perfection.

We branded one of Mazda’s models as a complex equation, a reference towards the uniqueness of intelligent machines. Our creative approach during execution of the project helped us win the automotive company’s trust.