Client                   Shell

Project                 Shell V-Power campaign

Services               Research, Logistics, Branding

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It should come as no surprise that in 2017 the company made fundamental improvements to their V-Power fuels. The new lubricating and cleansing molecules are three times as much and can guarantee better protection for the engine.

Shell V-Power is the only fuel that has been developed in collaboration with and is recommended by Ferrari. The alterations of the fuel brought about to the change of materials that represent that new technology. Shell Bulgaria trusted our team for executing this project, and we made great effort to respond quickly and unfailingly to their expectations.

Shell Petrol Stations have always been aiming at improving their services and products, so that they meet the needs and requirements of their customers in the best possible manner.

We composed a database with all Shell sites, collected detailed statistics and madcareful analysis of all data. Our design team took part in this large project by performing the prepress of all required files. We paid special attention to the production, since it was necessary that all specifics of the industry sector were accounted for. Our fantastic job and punctuality proved Brandmark’s responsible attitude before our client.

Thanks to our trustworthy partnerships with different teams across the whole country, we managed to brand all 98 sites of Shell for only 15 days. Our work helped focus customers’ attention on a brand new formula for success, namely Shell’s V-Power technology that has definitely changed the notion for quality fuel.


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