Client                   Mondelez

Project                 Milka display stand

Services               Creative, Design, Production,

Milka Display Stand

This impressive and practical permanent display won’t remain unnoticed regardless of its placement. It is also one of the projects we take the greatest pride in. Our team carried out the constructive design and production of this Milka Display Stand in compliance with the Mondelez marketing team’s request.

We visited many shops, where the display was due to be set, took measurements and developed precise blueprints and visualizations. This way we gave our client the best option to choose for himself. We used some cutting-edge technologies to ensure a stunning appearance and long-lasting durability.

Brandmark's Best Practice

Designing a point of purchase display (POP)

When we first considered the design of this permanent purchase display (POP), there were a number of aspects to consider and questions to answer when engineering this custom pop unit. Answering some of these questions was crucial to the final success of this project:

  1. How much space will we have for the display?
  2. How many SKUs will it require and how many facings per product type should we anticipate?
  3. What type of environment will the display be in? Will it be in-store or outdoors, in high-traffic areas, against a wall, or in mid-aisle?
  4. How should we provide the graphics on the display to be easily changed and keep their attractiveness?
  5. Will we require price channels for individual pricing or product information?
  6. How far will the displays be shipping? Should we consider demountable vs solid construction?

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