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Brandmark 2018 calendar

Calendars are often created as promotional materials, for they are useful 12 months a year. A promotional calendar could be present at your home or office almost imperceptibly, but it provides you with a simple and practical way to attract your customers’ attention by giving them something valuable.

Many companies give calendars that often remain unused because of unsuitable sizes or unattractive designs. It is no coincidence that our team chose to avoid traditional formats and approached the task with creativity. The result is a present that serves as a reminder of the agency in everyday life.

We created a pocket-sized desk calendar from a lightweight material with a specially designed stand that allows its stable mount on your desk. We developed a special sleeve-type box that houses twelve individually designed cards, displaying every month’s calendar.

Every month got it’s individual outlook, packed with an inspirational quote about time and work, which we should treasure, should we truly love the things we do. Our team tried to convey their principles via quotes, some of which author’s, that should provoke our customers’ attention.

The Brandmark calendar is to prove that small things often hide great surprises. The minimalist black and white outlook, elegant silver logo on the box and intricate drawings, made with love by our designers made our agency’s present exceptionally personal and inspiring.