El Shada Visual Identity


El Shada is a small Italian restaurant located in the capital city of Sofia. The restaurant features a distinctive interior of stained wood, wrought metal, teracota floor, vintage light shades, brought together with a modern balance and lovely sense of form and contrast.

ClientEl Shada Italian Restaurant
ProjectBrand Identity
ServicesIdea, Graphic design, Prepress & Print


This continues through to the restaurant’s brand identity, developed by us, in a mix of type and illustration. This links menus, interior graphics, signage, packaging and business cards.


The extent to which this authenticity has been researched and implemented is impressive and reflects a menu made up of homemade pastas, imported Italian cheeses and locally sourced ingredients.


The illustrative work is a particular highlight. Irregular lines and an etched quality feel distinctly and authentically period. There is a good relationship between light and shade, moments of detail and areas of space and simplicity.


This traditional quality also emerges in the design of El Shada’s visual identity, in the intersection of the graphic and the material, in the use of abstract motif, shape and symbology.