ProjectАrtresan Counter POS Display
servicesIdea, Graphic Design, Prepress & Print

Artresan Counter Display

Displays are one of the preferred trade marketing materials that look easy to implement, but require a very precise eye. Printed free-standing advertising items designed to attract customer attention. The loaded display and advertising stands are usually placed in the cash register zone, which has a very large impact on increasing sales and strengthens the image of the brand through a relatively lengthy contact of consumers with the product while waiting to complete their purchases.

The main goal is to attract customer attention and encourage them to view the product or the materials on the display.

Our design team created the Artresan display that looks both attractive and functional. In addition to the impressive appearance, it was designed to bring together the range of products of the brand, to be stable in operation and durable during transportation. We used quality materials for the realisation of the non-standard shape, fast printing and finishing technologies.