Client                   Ficosota

Project                 National promo campgaign

Services               Concept, Prepress & Production

Savex national promo campaign

In-store marketing: the ultimate solution for FMCG

In-store marketing helps promote products and offers a great customer experience to shoppers. There are multiple in-store marketing tactics that you can use to engage with customers, personalize their experience, and ultimately increase your revenue.

With so many distinct marketing and advertising messages attacking shoppers, consumer goods manufacturers and retailers must concentrate on giving their customers the best possible service.


To communicate on a national level the promotion mechanic in an attractive way a meaningful message to the consumers

  • Buy Savex for a minimum of 10 BGN.
  • Register the number of the cash receipt on the website or send sms.
  • You can win an iPhone SE 64GB every day, or 100BGN every hour.

We designed the key visual of the promotion and a full set of Point of purchase materials.

There are a lot of reasons to put more effort into your in-store marketing strategy:

  • You need to increase market share;
  • You operate in a highly competitive market;
  • You suffer low product visibility;
  • Your sales are declining;
  • The economy is going into a recession or inflation is knocking on the door

to name just a few of the possibilities.