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How to Achieve Cross-Channel Synergy​ in Marketing for Brands and Consumers

We develop cohesive market-ready strategies for brands through well-told storytelling and design, empowering our clients for unparalleled success.

What is cross-channel marketing?

Cross-channel marketing is a customer-focused marketing technique used by marketers to provide an integrated experience across media, in-store and digital experiences.

It is a powerful way of designing your marketing strategy while incorporating customer insights discovered through data and analysis to create omnichannel customer journeys toward your objectives.


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We don't follow the traditional design process, where we'd ask the client about all their requirements and then design based on those requirements. Our business lives in a very competitive environment, and so does our branding process. We carry our entire brand development process into 5 phases:


We initiate a project with you with the self-introduction followed by a brainstorming session to understand your business requirements.

We know branding strategy is the art of forecasting future trends to establish new communication channels to the consumers.

We aim at empowering the brand and driving brand strategies to give your business that desired competitive edge.

We collide different brand elements that unanimously define your brand personality.

We help your brand penetrate much deeper into the market than you originally thought it could.


The briefing is all about fetching much deeper information about your business and its brand before framing the right brand strategy for your business.

The success of the brand is measured by how the customers perceive it. The key importance is given to every detail related to your brand while designing a successful brand strategy for the business.

We blend different brand elements to define your brand personality. Few of the key information we look for your input include:

Q1. What is your business type?

Q2. What is your target group of customers?

Q3. Who are your competitors?

Q4. What is your competitors’ brand position?

Q5. What is the USP of the Product if you are coming up with new product line?

Q6. What is the value proposition?

Q7. What are the functional benefits that you will deliver to your customers?

Q8. What are the emotional benefits that only you deliver to our customers?

Q9. What kind of personality will my brand have?

Our detailed




If you reach us with the already existing brand in the market, we conduct R&D to know it’s position and share in the market. The brand strategy project starts with learning about you, uniqueness of the business you run, SWOT analysis of your business along with the customers you are targeting to.


We conduct visual brand audit to know the current health of your brand by conducting a systematic review or an assessment of your company’s brand elements. The visual appearance of the brand we create will narrate a self-stirring story that leaves an impact on the market.


After conducting arduous research, our creative team develops idea that forms a core philosophy of market. Our strategic development of the brand design is just like a game plan that can be changed subjectively in response to changing market trends. We help you develop a strong brand identity with consistency in its communication & visual elements.


We bring unifying theme on the table to use it across all communication channels, campaign messages, communication channels that motivates call to action for the customers.

Our creative concepts get embedded in the headline, tagline, and a key visual.

Our creative team ensures that the concepts are unique, memorable, relevant, and unifying as well.

Our directional




  1. Pre-production check
  2. Proofreading
  3. Final sign-off
  4. Prepress
  5. Print management
  6. Logistic


Our design and account management team works together to ensure our creative solution answers the brief. Every little detail holds key importance in brand design strategy, so, our attention to detail brings out the best output.


Though we always strive to excel your expectations in the first attempt, we offer unlimited revisions until your satisfaction is achieved if necessary. We stand by you till your crave for satisfaction is achieved so working with us a zero risk to you.


We promise you a reasonable lead time because it establishes a line of trust between customers and us about both delivery of the project and assurance of the quality. Our flexible services and creative ability lets us give a quick push on urgent jobs in a quick turnaround whenever necessary.