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Project                 FYI Notebooks

Services              Creative, Design, Prepress, Print, Logistics

FYI notebooks

We created the FYI brand /For Your Ideas/ for those, who don’t neglect the tradition, for those, who have hobbies, for the creators, for the passionate. 

We produced elegant notebooks with various designs and purposes that are compliant with the preferences of contemporary nomads. This premium collection is printed on recycled paper and has a luxurious body with a minimalist vision.

FYI aims to let you to note down your ideas in a beautiful and remarkable manner. The blend of beautiful page design, well-selected graphic elements and a clean overall outlook promises to give you a sensation of comfort and practicality. The collection can be appreciated by designers, engineers, architects, web developers, as well as every fan of taking notes on blank paper.

We believe that handwriting will never be replaced by modern technological developments. This is why our team designed these beautiful pages, which will turn your work into a pleasurable experience.

FYI offers a special lifestyle collection of two elegant notebooks, where you can write down everything about your greatest passions, cooking and fine wines. Intended for collecting your thoughts, ideas, memories of meetings with friends, visits at new restaurants and wine bars, these notebooks will become beautiful diaries, containing various aromas and tastes.