The truth about marketing

We believe that marketing is more effective when it taps into truths – the kind that surprise, change perceptions and better connect your brand with customers and prospects.

We look for these truths in the brief and research, in our strategic and communication plans, and in the creation of work that stands out and gets noticed.

Finding true insights is not always easy. It takes intuitive people. At Brandmark we like to dig, because uncovering simple, human truths leads to more powerful communications that give your brand a stronger position in the market.

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered. The point is to discover them.


Customer Experience

Five Moments of Truth in Marketing

Less Than Zero Moment of Truth (

The absolute earliest instance of a potential customer beginning their journey and interacting with a brand. In this moment, a company can actively reach out to a customer via social media, email marketing, advertisements before the customer comes to them for more information. 

Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT)

Centred on when a potential customer encounters your product or service for the first time. At this time, a customer will encounter reviews and more information about the product before moving forward in the journey.

First Moment of Truth (FMOT)

Centred on when a potential customer encounters your product or service for the first time. This immediate impression hinges on good presentation and the ability to clearly show how the product will fulfil the needs of the audience. 

Second Moment of Truth (SMOT)

Here, the customer truly experiences what your company is offering. This can occur before purchasing the product, during a demo in physical shop, but may also happen after a purchase, which occurs frequently today of online shopping where a customer does not truly experience the product until after it arrives.

Ultimate Moment of Truth (UMOT)

The product’s ability to fulfill the needs of the customer, as well as the company’s efforts to provide an enjoyable experience along the way to purchasing it, will shape the audience’s emotional response to what they have received.

Tried and Tested

Our four-step Process


Usually the first step, allowing us to really understand your consumer, end-user and target audience. It’s the starting point for cultivating insightful and effective creative. Whether your brand operates within B2C or B2B contexts, understanding who engages with your brand and how, is incredibly valuable.


Deliberating what we’ve found, ‘Define’ turns our knowledge into a strategic platform that provides the basis of our creative. We define the objectives of your brand and generate a map of how to achieve them. This is the foundation of our work and the most important aspect.


Only once we’ve defined the strategy, do we take our thinking and apply creativity. We’ll explore the best way to visually achieve the objectives we’ve set out, and create the communication tools needed to deliver growth.


Once a brand or campaign is launched, it needs to be monitored and cultivated. This is where we keep brands on the straight and narrow, giving all the love they need to develop and grow.

marketing that get sales

Getting real results with your marketing can be triangulated through the following: right market, right message, right media. 

Right Market: You must understand your ideal customers as deeply as possible. Understand your customer’s pain points, what keeps them awake at night, their deepest fears and desires.

Right Message: Through better understanding your customers, you can create more effective messaging. It is important that you understand how you can uniquely serve your customers. What can you offer that your competitor’s cannot? What problem are you solving?

Right Media: You must find the right vehicle to deliver this message. You must go where your customers are. You should be focused on targeted messaging deployed to your defined market segment that focuses on a compelling USP and irresistible offers.